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(soon sometime in the summer)


new songs will come out this summer

(2021) It's been a few years since i've launched this website, i must admit i hadn't taken care of the marketing/promoting aspect too much, i was just happy to have this as a portofolio where people could listen, hear and see what my world is about. It's been a while since i've given any news or any new music but you should know i have many many new songs, wonderful, experimental, full of dynamic, beauty and love. The last 2 albums i've written are 'Stellar Children'(2019) and REVOLVE (2020). My journey is still going on, i've became more of who i wanted to be, i've created amazing music and i'm thankful for being able to do this. 

I've created a home studio which simply inspires me and the months of november, december and january i just sat down to rehearse and create/record. I have a couple of video demos, still struggling to make these sound and look more proffessional. In the mean time, this month (March 2021) i'll be taking a break while i'll be extending my jewelry/crystals/decorations business. I will be back soon with extraordinary news and shows.

Have peace in your minds and light in your souls!


Di <3

(2017)After years of writing, experiencing new sounds, travelling and getting inspiration for what was to come, i'm coming out with a concept which might not be new but it's what it fits me. Acoustic songs in candlelight and video projections. I've gathered pieces of music that i've written in the last 8 years until present and i'm going to inspire and delight my listeners with the softness and the atmospheric sensations of my music.

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