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About "Secrets & Chimes" 

Secrets & Chimes is one of my favorite compositions and one of my dearest. It has a mystical sound. It is like Ether. It is the hunger for dreaming while we are striving to live the lives of our dreams and things don't always work as we planned. It has life, beauty, ideals; it's delicate though the listener has a strong perception on it. Let me write a few words on the story of Secrets & Chimes. The mood i was in was far from this Earth, almost detached. If only i could fly! It all came out after a long period of isolation and meditation and the secret was my dream of a perfect love and the sweet and crystal sound of the chimes - a gift from my mother - in a moment that i needed something to experiment with, and i was dreaming of this instrument for almost 5 years. So this is how Secrets & Chimes was written, in trance state moments where i was feeling the freedom of music and the gift of my voice. 

Acoustic evening

Soon i will give a concert in my living room where i will invite friends who want to see me live and i hope we can make a live video too. It will be a beautiful evening with beautiful people. 

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